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The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.

Robin Sharma


with Sami Khoury 

For many of us, our minds are stuck in the past or busy worrying about the future. In our inner world we suffer from low confidence, fears, stress, and anxiety. We are bound by self-imposed limitations that impact our mental & physical health, careers, and connection with others. Rarely do we find ourselves awake to the present moment, and deeply attuned to self knowledge and the human experience.

As a Mind Resilience Trainer & Coach I love to know what makes human beings tick. Why do we think and feel the way we do? What drives our behaviour? In a world filled with turbulence, how can we live with inner freedom? Throughout my personal and professional life I faced incessant anxiety, negative thinking and worry. Driven by a fear of failure, my desire for “success” and material well-being only contributed to feelings of inadequacy, self-criticism, and emotional imbalance. I found limited results in mainstream self-help remedies as I felt they do not address the root causes of our internal struggles. I yearned for a more foundational and transformational experience.

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​Through my extensive study of ancient philosophy, mindfulness, and neuropsychology I came to the realization that much of our suffering comes from how we perceive ourselves and how we relate to our environment. Attaining mental tranquility invites us to embrace self-acceptance, gratitude, compassion for others, and openness to experience; this lies in returning to the true self – a mind that is free of fixed labels, biases and social conventions. By understanding that the quality of our mind determines the quality of our lives, and that true human well-being is less dependent on external conditions than we think, I am moved to share my knowledge and experience in the hopes of helping others live with serenity.

Mind Resilience Training can help you:

- Learn how to respond peacefully to difficult situations 

- Cultivate equanimity and a calm mind

- Reduce anxiety, stress and negativity

- Master your anger and overcome counterproductive habits

- Connect deeply with your family, friends, and community

- Live a life with more energy, openness and meaning

- Embrace your authentic self

- Transform your mindset

How will we start this journey together?

Our work together lies at the intersection of western & eastern philosophy, mindfulness practices and modern research-based neuroscience. Our aim is to combine these areas of exploration to understand how your mind works and make lasting change. These tools and strategies will uncover your deeply ingrained beliefs, provide insight into your own being, and translate these findings into positive action. Together we’ll develop a customized program to help you take control of your mind and face the inevitable challenges that arise. It is my wish to ensure you have the tools and strategies in place for mind resilience and inner freedom, no matter what surprises life throws at you.


Recognize how you suffer by understanding your mind, the sources of inner conflicts and learned helplessness. Increase your awareness of unhealthy perceptions, attachments and habits.


Return to the true self by accepting yourself as you are. We'll explore the how to accept the ways events unfold, whether in our favour or not, all while developing a solid yet easier attitude towards life.


Rise above your limiting beliefs and cultivate high self worth with a singular focus on your personal goals, and cultivate gratitude and compassion for those around us and for ourselves.


Mind Resilience Training's method is a holistic blend of ancient wisdom derived from Greco-Roman philosophy, such as Stoicism & Socratic Method, and Eastern traditions of Buddhism, Zen and Tao, combined with modern psychology, research-based neuroscience, and meditation & mindfulness practices. Self-exploration and inquiry lead to a fresh way of looking at the world, helping you shed limitations that hold you back from attaining mental tranquility.

What Clients Say

"If you are seeking help in managing stress, anxiety, or depression I highly recommend Sami. I was dealing with a lot of emotional stress after losing my job because of Covid-19 and I was approached by Sami. He mentored me and developed a program that included philosophical wisdom and mindset exercises to practice, which was extremely helpful for me. I highly recommend Sami as his program changed my way of thinking, my attitude towards life and my relationships with family, friends and colleagues."

Michael,  Recruitment Manager



In my journey I've worked in the startup, corporate, agency and nonprofit worlds. I founded a social enterprise, conducted and facilitated countless entrepreneurial and personal development workshops, and mentored young professionals in navigating their careers and lifestyles. I'm a certified health & well-being coach and pretty much obsessed with helping people become their best selves.


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The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius

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